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A Day in the Life of a Team Leader

After a quick check of the van and refresh of the water bowls I head off at 9. 15 am. I pop the fan on for the van because its already 13 degrees! I pick up my 4 morning dogs and head out to overscourt woods. I picked overscourt because it is usually quiet and I had a...

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Nell – My Puppy: Creating a Bond

Weighing in at 12.8kg and now aged 5 months; Nell is growing exactly as I would want her to. She is still having three meals a day. Puppies grow so fast in the early stages and I want Nell to reach her full growth potential. Once she has fully grown her food will be adjusted to enable her to maintain her ideal weight.

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Nell – My Puppy: Chewing and Socialising

There used to be a time in our house when used tissues could be put in the bin, when kitchen roll was safe in its position on the worktop and toilet roll left where it should be. I am able to say categorically that this is no longer the case: Nell commandeers anything remotely tissue like and begins the laborious task of shredding it into hundreds of tiny pieces,

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Diet and Nutrition

This is Nell’s 12th week and on 6th Feb she will be 3 calendar months old. 12 weeks is quite a milestone in a puppies life, and crucially important to Nell’s development. Things that Nell experience at this time are in the forefront of everything I do with her.

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The first week at home

What a week; It has been 20 years since I last looked after a puppy and whilst I knew what to expect the reality is a little different. Heather amongst other reasons stated she had selected Nell because she appeared relaxed amongst her siblings and indeed she is. That said, she is only a baby and needs time and care.

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Choosing a Puppy

Nell was a gift for Christmas for my mum Sue. She had been talking about getting a puppy for some time; she works at Bristol HPC HQ looking after the Bristol boarders and day cares for the last 5 years.

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