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PA in Bath

Nikki (Heathers PA based in Bath) joined us in Feb 2016 she has a wealth of experience with animals and has been our Bristol Team leader until 2018, when she took a new PA role in Bath. Nikki is Heathers PA in Bath and therefore carries out all tasks that are needed behind the scenes, Nikki also looks after the day care and boarding dogs that stay at Heathers house in Bathampton. Nikki has worked in a zoo and has a degree in conservation and wildlife photography. Nikki has 5 snakes and a Green Cheeked Conure Parrot, named Nacho! Nikki has completed her first aid course, the IMDT one day body language course in Feb 2016, the IMDT impulse control one day course, the IMDT aggression course in May 2016 and the IMDT 2 day career as a dog trainer course in 2018. Nikki attended the Victoria Stillwell bite conference in 2017. Nikki attended clicker expo luminos in 2018.

Area: Bath

Pets: 5 snakes and a parrot named Nacho

Services: PA/ Dog Walker / Pet Visits / Cat Sitter

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Walk Location: Overscourt Woods

If you were a dog breed what would you be?: A German pointer because I would then have long legs and be taller than I am now.

Pet First Aid
IMDT impulse control seminar 2017
IMDT Body Language 2016
IMDT Aggression 2016
Attendance at Victoria Stillwell Bite Conference 2017
IMDT 2 day dog trainer course 2017

Attenance at Clicker Expo Luminos 2018

Currently studying toward:
Dog behaviour diploma