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Below are Heather's Pet Services, however if you require a service that's not listed, we will do our best to help you out, just contact us. Heather's Pet Care have experienced and well trained dog walkers and pet sitters that can help provide a flexible service to suit you and your pet's needs. Heathers Pet Care operates in the Southwest of England and is based in Bristol and Bath.

Dog Walking

Heathers Pet Services provides an excellent professional dog walking service. We collect your dog from your home, transport your dog to a safe walking destination and walk them for their specified time. We take out toys and other dogs for your dog to play with during their walks. This is a great way to socialise and keep your dog active and fit. We dog walk at many different safe spacious places across Bristol and Bath, for more information have a look at our walks page. We do also provide aspects of basic training throughout their walks included in the price. We match the dog walking groups up so that all of the dogs benefit from the others in their group and enjoy themselves fully. We walk no more than 6 dogs per member of the team and often have a much better ratio of 1 team member to 4 dogs, so your dog gets enough attention during their walks. After the walk your dog will be toweled down when needed or washed off if they have got extra muddy! We ask that you leave us a towel close to your door, so that we can do this before entering your property. All new customers will need to have an induction these are free of charge and take between 30 mins to 1 hour. This is when we get to meet you and discuss you/your dog's needs and any areas you would like us to pay attention to. We fill in a daily diary report about what your dog has been up to so you are kept up to date every day. All dogs should be fully vaccinated and wormed/deflead regularly.

Dog Visits

Our pet visiting service covers everything from visits for young puppies to cleaning and visiting small furries and chickens.

We know how important it is for a young puppy to have the best start and lots of stimulation whilst you are at work or out for the day. We provide one on one visit to break up the day for them. During a visit we will practice basic training, feed and have some play time or give them access to relieve themselves in your garden. We normally recommend you have 2 visits around 10am and 2pm each day to start. Once your puppy is older and able to cope with more we will take them for a short walk during these visits and then they will progress onto our group walks with other dogs for socialisation. We tailor the care to the needs of your puppy as each and every dog and breed are very different.

Small Pet Visits

We provide a Pet visiting service for when you are on holiday. We can visit your pet/s each day or twice a day whilst you are away so you can relax and enjoy your holiday stress free. We text or give regular updates through our Facebook page so you can keep a check on how your pet is. When we are visiting cats we pop in, feed clean up and have some play time or cuddle time with your cat. We also provide visits for small animals such as rodents and chickens.

Pet Taxi

Our pet taxi service is a great way for your dog to be transported to appointments or events when you cannot take them. We have vans that are fully crated so your dog is kept safe whilst travelling with us. The crates we use are easy to undo from both sides in case of emergency. All of our team are fully trained in animal first aid by Lucas Vets and fully insured to drive our vans for the transportation of animals. Inside each crate we have soft comfy bedding so your dog feels safe and comfortable for the journey.

Dog Training

We provide a dog training service for you and your dog. This is particularly good if you have a young puppy, we can help you with basic training with your dog. Or if you have a new puppy and need general guidance we can come to you and help. Sue and Heather are qualified dog trainers with the IMDT and run our puppy classes.

Heather is a fully qualified behaviourist and provides one to one behavioural modification programmes to help you and your dog get back on track. Heather has spent 10 years walking and boarding dogs and during this time was able to watch dogs body language and spend hours analyzing their behaviours. Heather has spent the last few years studying dog behaviour and gained an advanced behaviour practitioner diploma with a distinction. Heather also keeps herself up to date with the latest scientific research on dog behaviour by attending various CPD courses in the UK. Heather is currently studying toward a degree in animal behaviour due for completion in 2018. Heather is a member of Dog law SOS and has a diploma in dog law.

To find out what qualifications our team hold please visit the team page.

Heather will spend between 2 and 4 hours analyzing your dog and designing a bespoke behavioural modification programme. You will need to have your dog vet checked before we come out to see you!

Puppy classes

We now run puppy classes every week on a Monday evening at Haycombe Vets in Bath.. Its a 4 week course and the FREE puppy Party. 5 weeks of fun with your puppy learning how to train your dog positively! Teaching you and your puppy invaluable life skills to form a life long happy healthy relationship!

We have a maximum of 5 puppies per class/party with a qualified behaviourist and a qualified dog trainer.

We will only except puppies after their first week vaccination and only from 8 weeks of age. Puppies must be no more than 6 months old.

Goodie bags are provided as well as treats each week.

Our aims for each puppy class:

  • - Promote responsible dog ownership
  • - Guide you and your puppy to form a positive relationship
  • - Educate you about everything dog from the law to how dogs learn
  • - Enable you to continue with positive life-long training methods

Classes start at 6.30pm and our next courses are detailed below.

Free Puppy Party: 23rd May 2016
Classes week 1: 6th June 2016
Free Puppy party 4th July 2016
Classes week 1: 11th July 2016

We are members of the IMDT, PPG and INTOdogs so you can rest assured that our methods are positive, genuine and kind.

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