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Dog Club

We have a great training club for you to join with your dog, pour dog club allows you to practice in real life situations with your dog from 6 months of age and over, we can help you build on different tricks and bits of training you are teaching and teach you and your dog new things at the same time. Some of our dog club sessions are online and this is useful to help maximise the reps of things you are taught before going into a world of distractions.

Some of our clubs take place at local parks where we can practice things such as recall and loose lead, some will take place at dog friendly cafes putting the socialisation and settles to the test. Our club members also get access email advice throughout to help with any tricky training moments.

Our dog club takes place on a Thursday evening each week and they are approx. an hour in length. Each week we focus on one new thing. You will need to make sure you bring your own treats with you during these sessions. If you want to get your dog registered please fill in the form below or email us.

Each session is £9.60- payable via monthly invoice


You can also add a bolt on for £10 per month, this will give you access to our dog club training group where you can post what we are working on each week at home and get some hints and tips from Sophie and Heather.


Dog Walking Service

How much will it Cost?

These prices are correct as of 1st September 2019

Dog Walking and Pet Visit Prices

Prices Including VAT
Walking 1 Hour£ 18.00
Walking 1 Hour (2 Dogs)£ 27.60
Walking/Visit 30 mins£ 12.00
Walking / Visit 30 mins (2 Dogs)£ 18.00
2 x 30 min puppy visits in a day£ 22.80
15 min visit let out visit 1 dog£ 9.60
15 min let out visit 2 dogs£ 13.20
15 min pet visit 1 pet 1 visit per day£ 9.60
15 min pet visit 1 pet 2 visit per day£ 16.80
15 min pet visit 2 pet 1 visit per day£ 12.60
15 min pet visit 2 pet 2 visit per day£ 19.80



Booking An Induction

If you would like more information or to book an induction please fill in the form below.

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