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Dog walking

Heather’s Pet Care Services have experienced and well trained dog walkers that can help provide a flexible dog walking service to suit you and your dog’s needs. Heathers Pet Care Services operates in the Southwest of England and is based in Bristol and Bath. Heather’s Pet Care Services provides an excellent fexible and professional dog walking service. Unfortunatley we do not carry out walking on the weekends this service is only available monday- friday excluding bank holidays.

Group Walks

We can; collect your dog from your home; transport your dog to a safe walking destination; in one of our modified vehicles and walk for their specified time slot. We take out toys and other dogs for your dog to play and socialise with during their walks. This is a great way to socialise and keep your dog active and fit by providing them with enrichment whilst you are out for the day or working. We match the groups of dogs up so that all of the dogs benefit from the others in their group and enjoy themselves fully.

Our group walks are of no more than 6 dogs per member of our team and this includes our own dogs and often have a much better ratio of 1 team member to 4 dogs, so your dog gets enough attention and play time during their walks. Some dogs stay on lead as per customer instruction and some dogs go offlead during their walks, we would need for your dog to have a good recall if they were to go off lead, we also provide, however, aspects of basic training throughout their walks such as recall training which is included in the walking price. Our group walks have 2 time slots in each day AM walks which are roughly picked up between 9 and 10.30am and dropped off between 11am and 12.30pm and a PM walk which are roughly picked up between 12.30 and 2pm and dropped off between 2.30 and 4pm. Some of our days will also have walks across lunch depending on bookings we may put AM and PM dogs together for a lunch time slot. You are able to pick you preferred time at our induction. We carry out inductions for all of the dogs that we walk, this means that we meet every dog before we walk them and yourselves too! The inductions are Free of charge and normally take between 30 mins and 1 hour. This is when we get to meet you and discuss you/your dog’s needs and any areas you would like us to pay attention to. At this time you will get to meet your walker and ask them any questions you may have.

We dog walk at various different safe spacious locations across Bristol and Bath, for more information about these locations please have a look at our walks page. Once the walk is over we will endeavour to clean your dog down as much as possible using our on board doggy showers if they get extra muddy and then we will towel down your dog before leaving them with a treat, cuddle or a Kong! We ask that you leave us a towel close to your door, so that we can do this before entering your property. We fill in a daily diary report about what your dog has been up to so you are kept up to date every day and you are able to use this to write back to us if you have any daily changes or questions, this can also be a great place to let us know what you are working on training wise, so that we can be consistent. All dogs that go onto our group walks should be fully vaccinated and parasite free. Your dog should also be social and happy within a multi-dog environment, as stress may impact their behaviour and welfare.

Solo Walks 30 minutes

If your dog is not happy to go with other dogs we do offer a 30 min solo walk service, these walks can either be AM (between 9 and 10.30am) Lunch time (between 11 and 2pm) or PM (between 2pm and 4pm). In some situations we may be able to carry out later evening visits as and when required. Solo walking is perfect for the older dog that cannot quite cope with an hour walk, or for a younger puppy that isn’t ready for a full hour group walk. But they can also be beneficial for dogs that have behavioural issues, do not travel well, health reasons, bitches in season or just cannot be mixed with other dogs regardless of reason. Our solo walks will be carried out on foot from your home and hopefully to a local park, basic training can be carried out with your dog or we may add enrichment to the walks with toys and treats for scent work games. All requirements can be discussed at our induction, which takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.  After the walk your dog will be washed/towelled down if needed and they will be left with a written report of their short walk. We request that you leave a towel out for us to use after the walk.


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