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Pet Taxi Service


Our pet taxi service is a great way for your pet to be transported to appointments or events when you cannot take them. This service is particularly useful to take your animal to the vets. We can sometimes provide emergency transport though it’s better to book in advance to avoid disappointment. We have vans that are fully kitted out to carry dogs specifically in the most comfortable way possible, with a nice covering of vet bed you pooch can be transported in one of our crated vehicles allowing them to rest and be safe during transportation. All of our vehicles have state of the art tracker and camera systems and they are all fitted with the special electric fan to keep your dog at optimum temperature during transport. It is up to you if you decided to join them to their destination but our fees only covers the cost of transportation for your animal.

The crates we use are easy to undo from both sides in case of emergency and have lockable catches to prevent escape. All of our team are fully trained in animal first aid by a vet and fully insured on a fleet commercial insurance policy to drive our vans for the transportation of animals. All of our team carry water on board and many of our team have ramps, cat carry cases and toys to make the journey comfortable for your pet.

Dog Taxi
Dog Taxi

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