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Pet Visiting Services

We provide a Pet visiting service for when you are on holiday or just away for a day. We can visit your pet/s each day or twice a day whilst you are away so you can relax and enjoy your holiday stress free.

We offer 15 minute visits which we recommend for cats and small animals, or half an hour visits which may be needed for pets that need extra care such as exotics. Our team are experienced with a variety of animals so we don’t just visit cats but offer these services to parrots, snakes, lizards, chickens and many more. We will pop to meet you before we carry out any services to find out you and your pets specific needs and at this time we can discuss your preferred length of visit. Our visits are normally carried out between 7am and 10am and again between 3pm and 6pm. During the visits we can clean and empty litter trays, clean and replace food and water, provide fuss and playtime for your pet and clean up any mess that may occur.

We can pick up your post, draw your curtains and take out your bins so that you don’t need to worry whilst you are away on your holiday! If you would like an update we can text you whilst you are away to give you peace of mind and we also provide regular updates through our facebook page so you can keep a check on how your pet is.

Cat Visits
Cat Visits
Cat Visits

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