Puppy Class

We now run puppy classes every week on a Wednesday evening at Rosemary Lodge Bath Vet Group in Bath and every Thursday at 7pm in New cheltenham community centre.  Its a 5 week course full of fun with your puppy learning how to train your dog positively! Teaching you and your puppy invaluable life skills to form a life long happy healthy relationship!

We have a maximum of 6 puppies per class with a qualified dog trainer and compnay team leader.

We will only except puppies after their first week vaccination and only from 8 weeks of age. Puppies must be no more than 6 months old on week 1 of classes.

Goodie bags are provided on week 1 for each puppy and owner and  treats are available to use each week.

Our aims for each puppy class:

  • Promote responsible dog ownership
  • Guide you and your puppy to form a positive relationship
  • Educate you about everything dog from the law to how dogs learn
  • Enable you to continue with positive life-long training methods

Classes start at 7pm and our next courses are detailed below, please dowload our registration form here to get your puppy booked in to one of the following classes

8th May 2019 in Bath 7pm- Week 1
19th June 2019 7pm- Week 1
7th August 2019 7pm- Week 1
18th September 2019 7pm- Week 1
30th October 2019 7pm- Week 1

Adolescent Class

We also run an adolescent class on a wednesday each week at Rosemary Lodge Vets in Bath. These classes are designed for dogs from 8 months of age, they are suitable for adult dogs too. We aim to teach you and your dog life skills during the 5 week course the content we cover is recall, loose lead walking, scent work, play, socialisation, target training and husbandry training. Please click here to downlaod a regsitration form and once its filled in return it my email to sophie@heatherspetservices.co.uk to get your dog booked their place. The dates below are for the next courses that we have spaces available.

8th May 2019 in Bath 7.50pm- Week 1
19th June 2019 7.50pm- Week 1
31 July 2019 7.50pm- Week 1
18th September 2019 7.50pm- Week 1
30th October 2019 7.50pm- Week 1

Our classes take place outside so please dress yourselves appropriately and your pups too!!  We will only cancel if the weather makes it unsafe to get to the location or unsafe underfoot! We will be working on grassed areas too so wellies may be appropriate. There are toilets inside the vets for us to use each week too. We will provide comfy bedding for the puppies, but please feel free to bring along a blanket or something that smells like home to allow your pup to be comfortable. Goodie bags are given out on week 1 and treats are always with us every week. On week 5 we will hand you out your certificate of completion! Classes start at 7pm and there is ample parking for you at our venue.

We are members of the IMDT, PPG, VSPDT, PIF and DOGLAWSOS  so you can rest assured that our methods are positive, genuine and kind.


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